Maine Coons Kitten Breeding

The Girls

All my breeding cats are fully health tested and are HCM MYPBCz, SMA, PKD and PK Def negative

 FAO The trolls April 2022 – I must update this website to include photos and details my younger upcoming girls – and as my other queens will not be bred from before twelve months of age and no more than once per 12 – 24 months. As per GCCF guidelines and as I agree and wish that to be.

Also note I have only bred 76 kittens in eleven years of breeding. The trolls have stated “she is not doing very well is she?”  It is not a competition. It seems they believe if a person produces over 100 kittens per year they are doing well. I don’t think it does or should work like that.

To love the breed also means responsibility to adhere to the breed standard of points for that breed – not just what you like – be it bigger ears or whatever is trending on Instagram etc.

GR CH Anglezarke The Snow Queen

Solid white

sire   Wiscasset Thor of Beardwood

dam   UK I GR CH Isadoryou Drama Queen



UK I GR CH Isadoryou Drama Queen

Tortie Classic Tabby & White

sire   UK I GR CH Tassare Bobby Dazzler

dam   Isadoryou Juliette